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21st to 22nd 2020
who With?
A secret location in Berlin
18 carefully-curated bold and curious humans
– conceived with *** –
Fusion Cuisine: ancient Tantra meets 21st century minds
Empirical spiritual practice for urban pragmatists with a healthy dose of skepticism and a refined taste for quality.
Deep talks. Deep connections. Dip deep.
We select those with the courage to be vulnerable, the curiosity to self-examine, and the maturity of will that authenticity requires.  
No self-proclaimed gurus. No holier-than-thou bullshit. 
Our team of 5 shares their favourite tools for intellectual & emotional exploration. Let's play spiritual Lego, not cosmic Ego!
And mouth-watering intimacy, bien sûr.
We open a safe & refined sex-positive space in which anything (consensual) can and nothing has to happen. 
what's in store
Sacred sexuality without new-agey gobbledygook /ˈɡɒb(ə)ldɪˌɡuːk/.
Explore psychological developments with intellectual peers. We facilitate semi-structured conversations on intimacy, relationships & eudaimonia.
One wets the appetite for the other, don't you find? Sex and eating are behaviorally and psychologically related and share cortical regions. Master the art of their connection to avoid being enslaved by either.
Dig-in, surrender to what your senses reveal and nourish your resilience. Our safe space permits it. Our handsome space enables it.
Replenish your stock through ecstatic dances, guided meditations & workshops. Sophisticated like umami or bold like sour, our wholesome menu caters to diverse taste buds.
Behold and be held, naked as you come. Enjoy communication that is spirited as air & substantial as earth. Intellectual alchemy is our kind of mind-fuck.
Let your body articulate ancient tantric practices, in your own language. 
Psychology, hands-on. 
Food & Sex, because, duh! 
Pleasure is not nice, it's life. 
Curated community.
what you'll have to find elsewhere
Sexual favours.
We own our desire & take responsibility for our private erotic space. We come to give and receive, not demand and defer.
Deep shit might surface. That's precious and we support your process. But we're not here to poke about in old wounds or manufacture emotion.
Spiritual shortcuts. 
Filtered flawlessness.
You're beautiful. Warts, fears, extra baggage and all. We're exclusive, not stupid.
Embrace uncertainty, paradox, complexity. Learn. Unlearn. Let's fuck up, and laugh about it, together.
Food fetishism. 
We do like it wet and a lil messy, but we fantasize about food when we're hungry, not horny.
Gluten-free condoms.
We just use the regular kinds. Let's not make it more complicated than it needs to be.
– delivered with zest –
– elaborated with lust –
can i get THE BILL please?
Selected feasters will be 333 euros lighter. Lucky you!

  • Elaborate, home-cooked meals prepared with high-quality ingredients
  • Over 10 hours of guided workshops
  • Sleeping accommodation in a shared space
  • Safer Sex materials
Not Included
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  • Transport to location
Feast Beasts
- expelled to earth with tender mischief -
My belly has always ruled my mind. Now it has extended its empire between my legs. As sex and food blurred my senses and lured my rational mind, challenging my assumptions became an experiential game. Both resonate on a primitive, existential level. Both snatched scraps of the celestial sphere from the everyday. Imperishable mindfucks. I knew deep down that food brings people together but I couldn't have imagined that close.
When food took my virginal naivety, I parted willingly. I still remember the moment my grandmother crashed my prepubescent foodgasm. The tongue-tied gasp. Her crimson embarrassment. YES, I’d groaned and moaned at the deliciousness. But inappropriate? What could be shameful about this purest of pleasures? Whatever they weren’t telling me: I wanted more of it. Desire was born.
Whizz Team
Saucy Chef
– discerned with care –
 Intimacy Wizard
Smooth Blender
Cooks and serves the Feast. 
Professional geek. Food and sex enthusiast. Has been mixing these two for over 15 years and is still surprised by their infinite combinations.
Guides & animates workshops.
Unorthodox breath, body & mind buff. Years of expertise in yoga & meditation, never forgot how to keep learning. Takes playing very seriously.
Supports and shapeshifts.
Tantric brat. Holds safe space and pays attention to detail. Backs feasters in expressing their true colours. An anchor for letting go and diving deep.
Our Special Sauce
Art & Psychology treats. We will share hand-picked favourites from our personal treasure trove of thought-provoking thinkers, poets & artists.
Virtual co-creation. Take our poll to select the topics to explore at lunch. Get a taste for each other (not spoiling the surprise) with a quirky exercise.
Our dick-pics Top 10. Naaah relax, just kidding!
– slow-cooked with impatience –
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Foreplay, baby!
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Applications for this feast are now closed. 
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